During the summer months, decks are the go-to gathering spot for most people. That is why if you have a deck on your property, it’s vital to tackle problems before the summer season arrives.  

Some of the most common deck issues include fading colors, rotting, and water damage. These problems usually occur with wooden decks.  

Fortunately for you, there are a couple of things you can do to help fix your deck if they experience these common issues. Aside from hiring professional deck builders Belleville, here are other tips to consider: 

Fading Color 

Wood will lose its color inevitably due to various reasons. This includes debris, natural aging, use, and weather exposure.  

You can use a wood cleaner to restore some of the original colors of your deck. Another thing you can do is stain or paint your deck with your preferred color.  

It does not matter what method you’ll use. You have to reseal your deck again to protect it against water damage and other problems. 

Board Gaps 

If you hire an amateur deck builder to build your deck, there’s a possibility that they’ve installed fresh-cut wood. Unfortunately, this type of wood board isn’t fully dried. Thus, they will still have moisture in them.  

Over time, these boards will shrink as the moisture inside dries out. This can result in gaps in your deck. If the gap is bigger than 1-inch, you will have to replace them since they can be a tripping and falling hazard.  

If you don’t want to experience this problem, you have to make sure the boards you’re going to install for your deck are completely dried.  

Wood Rot 

You will know a part of your deck is rotting if you notice tiny bits of wood falling apart, either from the posts or the edges of the boards.  

Rot is a common issue for wooden decks. They usually happen around stairs, railings, and corners.  

If you want to fix rot issues, here are a couple of steps you can do: 

  • Check the area around the deck. This includes railings, staircases, beams, joists, posts, and boards.  
  • Recognize the damaged area and potential causes. You might often discover a gutter problem or an issue with a sprinkler system or fixture spraying water onto a specific part of your deck. 
  • Fix any affected beams, posts, or boards to guarantee your deck stays stable.  
  • Seal to avoid rotting in the future.  

Water Damage 

A lot of wood decks suffer water damage because of the high collection of moisture on the surface.  

If you notice water damage on your deck, the best thing you can do is to completely replace the damaged boards. After that, you will have to seal the boards using a water-resistant formula.  

If you don’t seal your wood deck, they will be prone to water damage. Fortunately, a professional deck builder can help you seal your wooden deck to avoid damage in the future. You can also choose to seal the deck on your own to save money.