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Top Tips for Directing Actors

Tips for Directing Actors

Top Tips for Directing Actors

Actors remain to be the main focus when it comes to storytelling. A good actor really can help you to breathe life into a character and even a script. For this reason, it is your job as a director to try and guide them through the process and you will also want to create a very supportive environment. The actors should be able to focus on the work that they are doing and they should also be able to feel relaxed and cooperative with the crew.

General nerves cause actors to forget their lines and it also causes tension among actors. On top of this, if you have technical problems then this can cause even more stress. If you want to do everything you can to make sure that your actors are at ease as much as possible then you need to reassure them as time goes on. If they want to do something a little differently then don’t be afraid to let them, as long as there is time for you to do it the original way if things don’t work out.

Actor Capabilities
As a director, it is your job to make sure that you know the abilities of the actors that you are working with. Auditions can be a great way for you to judge the talent that an actor has. When they are on the set, however, they may have a hard time showing this type of emotion on the screen. As a director, you need to push them so you can get the emotion you want out of them, but you also need to bring them into a state of confidence.

It is very easy to knock someone’s confidence as an actor and it is your job to make sure that you understand how they work, and what they need to get into their element.

Different Takes
Sometimes some actors need to do a couple of takes before they can get into the rhythm of what they are trying to do. This is just the way that they work so it is important that you are patient with them and that you do everything you can to give them the support that they need along the way. It’s okay if they need more than one take, and if they need a break then you need to let them have one.

If you don’t then you are only going to raise tensions as the day goes on. If you need some more directing tips then please do get in touch with us today to see if we can be of any help. Our team is waiting to take your call.

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