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    Produced by Taylor Phillips
    • Lead Actor
      Jake Muxworthy
    • Camera asst.
      Ben Phillips
    • Still Photographer
      Jeniffer Clasen
    sign travelers tv pilot

    Sign Travelers TV Pilot
    Starring Christy Smith

    True Media Foundation

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    Sign Travelers, a new after -school TV series for “tweens,” featuring Christy Smith, former contestant on CBS Survivor: The Amazon, is a platform for teaching sign language, bridges the gap between the deaf and hearing worlds. Christy, an artist, adventurer, and sign-maker, leads 2 hearing and 2 deaf kids (ages 8-12) into challenging and educational adventures made possible by her studio’s green screen and the magic of media technology. With help from her funky interpreter friend, Luna, Christy transports the kids into a virtual world where communication has no barriers. 

    The Sign Travelers production crew includes both professionals and students. True Media Foundation www.truemediafoundation.org mentors middle and high-school aged students interested in learning the business of new media production from the ground up.

    • Director Christopher Tribble
    • Writing credits
      • Clint Woosley (Creator, writer)
      • Kristin Carlson (Writer)
    • Cast
      • Christy Smith -Christy
      • Jennifer Sweeney-Luna
      • Jordan McClendon-Jordan (hearing girl)
      • Belva Wolcott-Belva (deaf girl)
      • Jacob Pfau-Martinez-Jacob (deaf boy)
      • Christopher Jordan Tribble-C.J. (hearing boy)
    • Produced by
    • Production Design
    • Production Crew
      • Darby Switzer (Garceworks)-Lead Camera
      • Caleb Liston-Assistant Camera
      • Matt Hays-Sound
      • William Flanigan-Gaffer
      • Eric Benson - Production Assistant
    • Student Production Crew
      • Michael Churchill-Production Assistant to Producer
      • Landon Churchill-Boom Operator
      • Isaac Carlson-Crew Assistant
    • Other Crew
      • Dana Marlatt-Production Coordinator
      • Susan Tribble-Production Assistant
    • filmed at Red Barn Studios

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