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    Aspen Shoots

    john denver remembered
    waterbourne film
    Produced by Taylor Phillips
    • Lead Actor
      Jake Muxworthy
    • Camera asst.
      Ben Phillips
    • Still Photographer
      Jeniffer Clasen
    sign travelers tv pilot

    Sign Travelers TV Pilot
    Starring Christy Smith

    True Media Foundation

    suzuki commercial super techno crane
    Suzuki Commercial
    National Spot Aero Films
    x games filming
    x games in Aspen
    ESPN Winter X Games
    Moto X

    A Band Apart Productions,
    Ground Zero Advertising.
    washington week Aspen
    November 2003 ESPN Winter X Games promotional shoot

    In memory of Jerry Jencks

    ESPN XGames ESPN XGames moto X ESPN Extreme Games
    ESPN X games

    Quotes from the shoot and all photographs thanks to Greg Poschman

    Production CO: Jeff Armstrong: Executive Producer: A Band Apart Productions.

    "Working with the local guys on Snowmass mountain is unbelievable. I've shot on mountains all over the United States, and I have never seen anything like the cooperation we got from these guys in Aspen."

    Agency: Kat Friis:  Agency Producer. Ground Zero Advertising.

    "We called around looking for snow, to try to find where we could possibly shoot this, and ultimately...I honestly don't think we could have done this any where but Aspen. The whole mountain resort has pulled together unbelievably to do this. They have been working tirelessly for a week and a half.  They were awesome, totally efficient. No complaints."

    Client: Ashley Smith, Dir of local Mkt and Publicity ESPN.
     On Shooting the Winter X games Promotional Campaign in Aspen.

    "Its been phenomenal everybody is so nice, willing to help, and understands what were trying accomplish."

    "You feel like a rock star. You land, you are met at the airport. They have made it very easy for us travelling in."

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