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  • Adventure Productions


    George Stover Adventure Productions LLC is a small, integrated group of Emmy award-winning video professionals prepared to put their talents and top-of-the-line equipment to work for you.

    The Baltimore-based team travels globally to produce national broadcast-quality television and specialty video productions.

    The group's strengths are versatility, speed and seamless quality. The company is ideal for projects that require smart, flexible and innovative approaches.

    In addition, the team is a fully-qualified and highly-skilled underwater video unit with diving credits from the Chesapeake Bay to the southern Caribbean. In fact, Stover was the first to execute a live, underwater broadcast interview with divers inside the National Aquarium in Baltimore.

    The Stover team is available as a unit, or individually to handle needs including:

    • Broadcast documentary production
    • News or documentary field production
    • Video news releases / TV Commercials
    • Corporate/promotional projects
    • Special projects consulting and creation
    • Specialty photography/editing
    • Underwater video production


    George A. Stover III: While most producers never touch a camera, Stover, at age 48, is a master of his. His Emmy credits include awards for best photographer, best editing and co-producer on various projects in his career. Stover, along with creative partner Scott Broom, are the producers of numerous nationally- and locally-distributed television programs including Shark Encounters of the Bahamas, Mysteries of Bimini, Dolphin Encounters, Dance of the Devil Rays, Shipwrecked in Bermuda, Manatees - Florida's Gentle Giants" and A Day in the Life of the Chesapeake Bay. Stover's work has appeared on NBC, ABC, CNN, The Discovery Channel, and The Nashville Network in addition to numerous local-affiliate U.S. television stations. Stover holds a degree in Screen Arts from the University of Maryland and has been in the television industry for more than 25 years. He is a certified SCUBA instructor.

    Scott Broom: Broom, age 37, is among the most versatile talents in television production. He at various times serves as creator, producer, writer, host and narrator of the team's television projects. His awards include an Emmy for specialty news reporting as well as more than a dozen honors for excellence from the likes of the Associated Press, the Society of Professional Journalists, the State of Maryland and others. Like Stover, Broom's work has also appeared on CNN and other networks as well as numerous network-affiliate television stations around the U.S. Broom is a graduate of Washington and Lee University in Lexington, Virginia and a 15-year veteran of the television business. He is a certified SCUBA diver, avid back-country skier and cyclist.

    Jim Milne: At age 52, Milne is the team's second underwater photographer, safety coordinator and production assistant. He is a U.S. Navy veteran and Master SCUBA instructor. His video has appeared in all George Stover Adventure Productions projects. In addition to his photography and production assistant duties, Milne is responsible for logistics and safety on company projects. In his years as a diving professional, Milne has been involved in numerous life-saving water rescues. He's a graduate of Susquehanna University and has been diving for more than 30 years. Milne is an avid yachtsman and golfer.

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