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Locations from the heart of the Colorado Rocky Mountains

Locations: The Smuggler Mine

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The Smuggler Mineaspen filmfilm guide

smuggler mine entrance

mine shaft smuggler mine overlooking Aspen smuggler mine shack smuggler mine entrance
Mine Interior
Smuggler mine overlooking Aspen
Mine Shack
Mine Entrance
smuggler mine shaft smuggler mine shaft smuggler mine shaft smuggler mine shaft
Smuggler Mine shafts

Contact: Chris Preusch

Before skiing, snowboarding, and chic, Aspen was a mining town and the Smuggler Silver mine was the biggest baddest silver mine in the valley.The historic Smuggler silver mine on Smuggler mountain overlooking Aspen Co. This is a working mine complete with little yellow ore carts and old timber trestles. "If you don't grow it-you mine it"

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