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Filming in the Roaring Fork Valley

home>Roaring Fork Valley locals: footnotes

"The bottom line is, everybody here sees the good that comes to the community."

ESPN Winter X Games: Ashley Smith, Dir of local Mkt and Publicity ESPN


This is a privately owned site. There is no government affiliation, no corporate affiliation, no agenda except the opinions of the site owner / web master. The following is only an opinion.

About Aspen Valley

This site is here for two reasons. If you've gotten here from the "home" page it's pretty obvious that the site is here to promote the film industry professionals who live in the valley.

If you've landed on this page chances are good that you are not a Film Industry Professional. That's reason number two-to introduce our neighbors to the Film Industry people who live next door.

There are a lot more of us here than you would expect. There are a lot more "shoots" here than you might think. *


Open Space

If you live in the Roaring Fork Valley you know that we share one all pervasive problem. Open Space.

The film industry is one of the few businesses which rewards you for open space. Car commercials are looking for that narrow curvy mountain road, Feature Films are looking for the wide open vista without power lines or development, Still shoots are looking for the fabulous panorama of mountain peaks to frame the product.



A single commercial can bring as much revenue as a Christmas weekend. A Feature Film can make a small town's revenue for the entire year. (Ask anyone who lived in Redstone when "Tale Tale" was filming there how much revenue a film means)

Think of it - the production company brings in a crew which fills up the hotels, eats at local restaurants, rents office space, uses local services, and purchases everything from lag screws to juniper trees.

Because there is so much money at stake there is stiff competition for film production. Many states offer tax rebates and some offer state sponsored loans to smaller productions. ** Every year film commissions from all over the world go to the "Locations Expo" in Los Angeles and market their locations in the heart of the film industry. ***


Film Compliance Monitors

It's not all a bed of roses. The Film Industry is full of stress. **** Film Production companies really just want to get the job done and move on. When decisions are made "on the fly" it can easily be the wrong decision. Perhaps a fence is moved that shouldn't be moved or a tree chopped down that shouldn't be chopped down. The good news is that 99% of the time these incidents are completely preventable.*****

We don't have to reinvent the wheel. Other places have had to deal with the same problems and they have found ways to work with the Film Industry and preserve their own special environments.

If you would like to see what some other communities have done to insure a good working relationship with film production companies and their community click here. ******


I love this idea!

Support from an informed public is the only way to inspire lasting and positive change.

If you think this is a great idea or even if it's just intriguing here's what you can do to help. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Committees . Ask them what they are doing to entice the Film Industry to our area. Talk to our local county commissioners and city councils and ask them if they have considered signing on to a Film Monitor program. Write a letter to the editor.

(Don't know who your politicians are?Click Here*******)


Location Shoots

So you've decided this is a great idea and you want to have a film shoot in your home/office/business. Great! Before you decide you should hear what some other people have to say about what it was like hosting a film crew at their location.

If you still think it's a good idea then e-mail Aspen Valley Film and we'll be glad to give you a free location listing.


I Hate Film People!

Okay, you don't believe a word of it and you hate everyone who has anything to do with film. You would rather watch sausage being made than see a camera and klieg lights in your back yard.

You are exactly the person we are looking for! Please e-mail and leave a long detailed passionate message with every reason why you hate us. Please be specific. You may remain anonymous if you wish.


We love feedback!
Please e-mail questions and comments to


* A chronological list of "shoots" in the Aspen area.
  • Go to the "projects" page to see an ever growing list of what's been filmed here in the last 10 years


** State incentives for the Film Industry

  • Arizona offers a tax rebate to productions that spend $1,000,000 or more.
  • New Mexico ("incentives")offers a similar rebate. New Mexico is offering state sponsored loans to small productions for the year 2000.


***Locations "trade shows"
****Why this is a stressful business

Unlike most jobs Film Industry professionals tend to be freelancers. Their next paycheck is entirely dependant on their current performance. There is no "job security".

Add up the wages of the crew, the rental equipment, the location fees and it is not unusual for tens if not hundreds of thousands of dollars to be spent every hour on a film shoot. Normally everyone is waiting for sunrise or sunset for the "perfect" look for the "perfect" shot. If the car isn't in the driveway, or the film isn't in the camera, or the snow isn't falling, or the sun isn't shining this could add another day to the shoot and cost a lot of money. When decisions need to be made they are made quickly .

*****The status quo for film permits

Normally a special permit is issued by the agency where the production company wants to film. There is a current trend to make a "blanket" special use permit with specific parameters which can be issued in a minimum amount of time (3 days). If the production company does not fit within this "blanket" permit then they must go through the standard permitting process (30+ days).

The permit must be enforced. This is usually difficult for the permitting agency to have someone "baby-sit" the shoot every minute of every day because they lack the staff and the resources. A Film Compliance Monitor program can solve this problem. The Film Monitor is certified by the permitting agency and is responsible only to that permitting agency, They are paid by the production company as part of the terms of the permit. In the seven years that Moab has had this type of program there has only been one complaint from a production company about the "cost" of a Film Monitor.

Responsible production companies love to have a film monitor on site. They can ask the Monitor questions like " Is it okay if I run my cable across that driveway?" Remember, the Production Company also wants to be able to come back and here and film again.

******Examples of permits from other agencies

aspen film production
Aspen leaf indicates Film Production professional located within a 40 mile range of Aspen
colorado film production
Colorado flag indicates Film Production professional located in the state of Colorado
film camera
One camera icon for every 5 years in the Entertainment Industry
(information supplied by listee)
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