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Film Compliance Monitors

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Film it and Conserve it.Paul Petzoldt in Beth and George Gage's documentary of the 10th mountain Division "Fire on the Mountain" states his core belief of training people who "....know how to use the wild outdoors and still conserve" That is what the Film Compliance Monitor program is all about : 'Film makers who know how to film the wild outdoors and still conserve'

The Film Monitor Program is based on the program started by the Moab District office of the Bureau of Land Management, the Utah State Trust Lands Administration, the Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands, Utah State Parks and Recreations and the National Park Service.

What a Film Monitor Does:

It is a program started by local film professionals to help film production companies and locals understand each other better and work together. The Film Monitor is on site during the shoot and ensures that the permit is being honored. The Film Monitor serves as a liaison between the production company and the community to facilitate cooperation and understanding between all parties.

How you become a Film Monitor:

A Film Monitor must pass a yearly test to prove that he/she can read and understand a film permit.

Who hires a Film Monitor:

The monitor is hired by the filming company but is responsible for compliance with the terms, conditions, and stipulations of the permit on behalf of the agencie(s) issuing the permit.

The Film Monitor's duties:

A Film Monitors duties include verification of the filming date, verification of location on permit maps, summary of filming activities, reclamation activities, observations, interaction with the company, interaction with the public, problems encountered, and suggestions for future use of the area for filming

Examples of permits from other agencies

Other links of interest:

What you can do to help

Support from an informed public is the only way to inspire lasting and positive change.

If you think this is a great idea or even if it's just intriguing here's what you can do to help. Contact your local Chamber of Commerce and Economic Development Committees . Ask them what they are doing to entice the Film Industry to our area. Talk to our local county commissioners and city councils and ask them if they have considered signing on to a Film Monitor program. Write a letter to the editor.

(Don't know who your politicians are?Click Here)

Please bookmark this page for further postings on the progress of our own Film Monitor program.

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