Aspen Valley Film | Hiring the Right Wedding Videographer for the Special Day
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Hiring the Right Wedding Videographer for the Special Day

Hiring the Right Wedding Videographer for the Special Day

So, you are all excited about the wedding day that is inching closer. You have arranged for the venue, bought the ring, got the decorations right, have finalized the menu with the catering guys, but have you arranged for the photographer and the videographer? That is probably one of the first things on your to-do list while planning for the wedding. Since this is a very special day for you and your partner, you would love to record each and every moment of it. That is when you will need the services of a professional wedding videographer.

Looking for a videographer can be like a complete shot in the dark. Most people are not aware of what they should look for in a wedding videographer. You may get the contact details of many videographers online but do you know what kind of questions to ask or what kind of service to expect? Most couples think that videographers would come to the venue, take videos of your wedding, the toast, the best man’s speech, and the first dance. He will then compile all the videos together and make it look like a movie. Well, that is the general idea of what a videographer should do. But when you are hiring someone for your wedding, you should know well in advance what they will be doing or when and how they will be shooting. So, here are a few things that you need to consider while hiring a wedding videographer:

  1.            How long will the videographer stay at your wedding? 

This is really crucial. You need to have an idea of the moments that the videographer should record. Ideally, you should be hiring the videographer on an hourly basis. If you have an idea of the precise time when the videographer should arrive and start recording, then you can hire the services according to that time span. When you hire a videographer on an hourly basis, make sure that the wedding ceremonies start as planned so that the videographer does not have to wait after he arrives.

2.            Discuss the types of videos that you want the videographer to record 

Getting to know what the videographer will shoot will help you get an idea of what videos you will get. Alternatively, you can also tell the videographer about the type of videos you want. There are many couples who want to do separate videos before the wedding starts. Inform the videographer about the videos that you want him to shoot. If you want to shoot at a place different from the wedding venue, then make sure that the videographer has the details of where to go and when to reach.

3.            Always have a contract 

This is like the thumb rule for anyone who is planning to hire a wedding videographer. Even if you know the videographer for a long time, make sure that you have a contract for the wedding. This will help you have all the important details in one single page. Some of the common points that should be mentioned in the contract are the videos that the videographer will make, the number of videographers you need for the wedding, payment schedule, guarantee of delivery date, how the delivery will be made “ if you need the videos via Google Drive or thumb drive or Blu-ray disk or DVD, and so on, and the amount of time that the videographer needs to be present on the wedding day.

  4.            When will the final video be delivered? 

Once the wedding is over, you will be excited to see the photos and the videos that were taken on the day of the wedding. But generally, the videographers take at least a couple of months to work on the videos and provide the final cut. There are lots of things that need to be done such as editing the videos, joining them, adding background music, adding colour tones, and making the video look like a movie. All these take a significant amount of time. So, it will be best if you can discuss the delivery date of the videos while discussing the date and timings.

It will be wise to get a contract with the videographer so that you have a written record about the delivery date. Most provide a guarantee for their delivery date. Do, ensure that they deliver within that date or else you will have the power to negotiate with the fees.

5.            Will you be able to improvise with the editing of the video? 

Not many people are aware of this but yes, you can provide specific details about how the video should be made. Stuff like background music, the moments that should be present in the final video, the songs that might be played while the video plays – all these can be specified to the videographer so that he can edit the videos accordingly. The main aim of the videographer will be to satisfy your needs and this is one of the ways that he can do so.

The videographer you hire should be flexible with the work that he is doing. If you want any kind of change in the final video, then he should make those changes and provide the final cut according to the way to like.

6.            Check their work before you hire 

It is always wise to go through the work of the videographer before you hire him. Most of the videographers have sample videos on their website. If you are still not satisfied, you can request the videographer to show you some of his previous works to get an idea of the kind of video you are going to expect for your wedding.

Hiring a videographer will take some time. You have to compare the videos that different videographers have already done in previous weddings. Additionally, you have to see the different delivery date and the amount of money that the videographer is charging for the event. Keep all these things in mind and you will get the best videographer for your wedding

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