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Welcome to the Aspen Valley Film "Story" Board. Mostly this is a place to sit back relax and just gab. There is always that time (normally around 3am) when we're all sitting around the fake walnut formica table chewing 100 year old coffee..and that is when the stories start to roll.


The "Story" Board

Let's face it, in this business, you gotta have a sense of humor.

"Bridge of Doom"

Ahhh the Pocanos....and summerstock.

I was running follow spot at the Pocano Playhouse one damp steamy evening (it really is a barn you know) and we were nearing the finale of Brigadoon. There is a particularly poignant scene where our heroine is heard calling to her lost love through the mists of time...(read black sharkstooth scrim upstage and dry ice in a barrel for "mists of time") as he drowns his sorrows at the local brewery.

Fine idea, except for the bat.

There our poor Fiona stood in the dim glow of a single fresnel in the foggy foggy nite-except when she was diving to the floor trying to avoid the bat. The bat really liked Fiona's wig. The bat would dive bomb Fiona-fly over the scrim-up and over the blissfully ignorant audience- circle the spot light and streak back for another attack.

"Come back to me Brigadooooooooooooooooonnnnnn"

The bats timing was perfect-only on the chorus.

The follow spot shook quite a bit that evening.

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