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The entertainment industry is one huge industry. As human beings, we are naturally social creatures and nothing makes us more social and happy as getting good entertainment. In my personal view, it is impossible to survive without some form of entertainment. Even that nerdy dude always mumbling formulas will have favorite show or song that he dances to. This dire need by human beings has made the entertainment industry be as big as it is today. Different modes of entertainment do exist, but none supersedes music. When our ancestors invented music, it became the most common and most sought after mode of entertainment on earth. Think of how many Walkmans were sold in the 90’s. Those among us who are gifted with beautiful voices have not been shy to give us some amazing hit songs. In addition, those in charge of its production have not failed in providing us with quality beats and above all, videos.   Almost as soon as the TV was invented, people wanted to produce music videos and why not; you could simply sit on your couch and watch your favorite artist instead of attending a live show. These would give you a front row seat to all the action, much better than shoveling your way through a mammoth crowd in a packed field. As we would later realize, however, people became more attracted and impressed by quality music videos, they liked to captivate them, creating a memorable connection with the song itself. Musicians became hard at work to ensure that in addition to creating great music, they also invest in filming just like you would on a modern wedding band. As a result of the absolute necessity of music videos to complement the actual music, producers specifically working with videos have also been hard at work to ensure they employ the best skills and technology they can get their hands on. They will invest on the most modern hardware to capture high-quality footage while at the same time utilize the most powerful and effective software for the video production.   After Thriller by Michael Jackson, most people in the industry had their own mini eureka moments, suddenly realizing that you can have a mini movie just to make the song more appealing. From then on, the creativity brought out in videos has gone through the roof. I bet that if you think of anything that can be done on a music video, it has already been done. Whether it is shooting it while skydiving, wearing an expensive modern wedding band during the shoot or having a music video where the artist just stares at the screen, it has been done. videomaker guide-to-shooting-wedding-video The significance of filming for music videos has become so much, there does exist music video countdowns and everybody wants his/her song to be among the best. Just listen to an interview of a musician who just releases a song. Social media sites such as snap chat, Instagram, and YouTube are always buzzing with activity about music clips. Videos like Roar by Katy Perry, got 2.2 billion views, on a planet that has over 7 billion people. Some of the best receive the highest number of views online thus creating popularity for the musician and the production team.   If you are thinking of video filming for music entertainment, therefore, there are few things you should know: It will cost you. Now it will be unfair to say that this will apply in all instances. There are videos that cost way below what you would expect any to cost and become really big hits. Such are those that really capture the hearts of the people and are accompanied by a really good song. For most other videos, however, there is some serious cash involved.  Madonna and Michael Jackson take the trophy for this, creating videos that cost upward of 5 million. Basic ones will hardly cost less than a few thousand dollars. Most of this cash will go to the shooting and editing. The best videos would be those that connect with the song. If you are singing about love, have scenes that portray it. You don’t want to confuse the audience. There are several isolated cases however when musicians have decided to play around with their imagination, incorporating scenes that are not related in any way to the song. It is always best, however, to connect with the audience, making them appreciate each line on the song together with scenes on video. So the next time you are making a video about marriage, you better have a modern wedding band on. Celbridge    ...