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For People who are passionate about both the wilderness and film
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Each Guide is printed on demand per request to insure the most current information. Only listings with the "book" icon are in the print version of the guide. Cost per Guide is $25 US shipped in the continental United States additional shipping costs apply for International and outside the continental US.
aspen valley film production guide aspen valley film production guide
Front cover of Summer edition
Back cover of Summer edition
film guide book Buy a print copy of the aspen valley film production guide $25 USD + shipping
Download a pdf copy of the aspen valley film production guide 30 MB $15 USD
The Aspen Valley Film Production Guide is custom printed per order to insure the most current information possible.

What's it look like?

This is small 80 page booklet with clear plastic covers printed in full color on heavy weight 8.5"x11" white bond paper and thermal bound.

What's in the printed Production Guide?

Our local film industry professionals and film industry services including Animal Traniners, Animators, Art Directors, Assistant Art Directors, Audio Engineers, Backdrops, Camera Operators, Carpenters, Casting, Caterers, DGA, Digital Presentations, Digital Production, Directors, Documentary Directors and Producers, Draftsmen, Drivers, Editors, EMS, Events, FX , Gaffer, Greensmen, Grips, Grip Trucks, Hair, IATSE, Kraft Services, Lighting Designers, Locations Managers, Locations Scouts, Lodging, Makeup, Mobile Homes, Model Makers, Motions Control Operators and Equipment,Multilingual Film professionals, Painters, Productions Assistants, Photographers, Pilots, Precision Drivers, Producers, Production Companies, Productions Managers, Production Service Companies, Project Managers, Props, Riggers, Scenic Artists, Screen Writers, Security, Set Construction, SAG, Set Dressers, Sketch Artists, Ski and Sports Rental, Snow Cat rental, Snowmobile drivers and rental, Snow Removal, Sound, Steadicam, Stock Footage, Story Editors, Stunts, Teamsters, Transportation Captain, Union, Videographer, Worldwide Film Production, Wranglers.

Each listee gets their own full page. All credits and photos are provided by the listee.


A filmography of production in Aspen with credits for local hires on each production. Want to know who worked "Aspen Extreme" and "For Love of the Game"? Find it here. This is updated frequently.

What's in the Download?

This is exactly the same as the printed Production Guide in a pdf format with direct web site links and internal interactive links from the index to each individual listing.

If you have more questions (or suggestions) please e-mail


aspen film production
Aspen leaf indicates Film Production professional located within a 40 mile range of Aspen
colorado film production
Colorado flag indicates Film Production professional located in the state of Colorado
film camera
One camera icon for every 5 years in the Entertainment Industry
(information supplied by listee)
film producion guide $25 USD + shipping
download film production guide Download a pdf copy of the aspen valley film production guide 56 MB $15 USD

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