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Camera Operators/DP's/Video Assist
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serac adventure films

Serac Adventure Films

Emmy winning , Academy Award Nominated DP's and camera operators for 70mm IMAX, 35mm, 16mm, HDTV, video, digital, and motion control

Assistant Camera Operators: AC's


All Things Production

Alpenglow Pictures

Alpern Media Productions

Aspen Expeditions & Aspen Paragliding

Aspen Moving Mediafilm guide

Hank Bargine Productions Colorado Springs

Fred Barta Photography Pilot's License

Spencer Compton

Carmichael Productionsfilm guide DGA, IATSE

FX West Denver

Greg Hensley Productions

KH Films film guide IATSE,HDTV on Everest

Chris MacDonald

John Kelly Photographerfilm guide

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Obermeyer Productions

Chris Patterson Films

Scott Ransom IATSE 600

Ray 3d

Reel Adrenalinefilm guide SAG stunts

Rubicon Productions Denver

Serac Adventure Filmsfilm guide HDTV on Everest

Sierra Media LLC: Jason Dittmer

Spannco: Jim Spann

Versatile Productionsfilm guide

Wildwood Films: Edgar Boyles, Pilot's License

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