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versatile productions

Contact: Christopher Tribble , Producer

Production, Post, Animation, Digital Post, Transfers

Versatile Productions, Inc. is a new media production company dedicatedto the development of creative solutions for your communications challenges.We deliver a convergent communications vision that’s directly aligned with our client’s strategic direction. We believe that each and every piece of communication must contribute to the equity of the brand.As a result, our unique method of working allows our clients to address their target audience in one clear voice.The term collective energies describes the unique product that connects traditional media with all cutting edge digital processes. The result is a custom communications package with the objective to maximize the lasting impact of a client’s corporate, marketing, educational and entertaining message.

Technically, digital video quality has no limitations. Naturally, the post-production and editing effects have the most impact on the final product. VPI has embraced these technologies in the early stages of development. We shoot, edit and produce footage for any destination format or market, right in the house. Digital compositing and 3D animation are our daily routine…We are masters in the utilization of today’s technology and know how to deliver the unexpected. The alliances we have developed throughout our 23 years have become one of our strengths in the implementation of even the most unique situations. VPI is now producing programming for PBS in the form of Youth talk shows and Kid adventure series. Versatile Productions draws on a network of integrated services— Collective Energies for delivering truly interactive promotional media. Our services range from individual tactical programs to full service communication initiatives. Turning an idea into reality takes vision and insight. In today’s technical world Versatile Productions, Inc. continues to push the creative envelope to provide our clients with the biggest impact!

Credits and Clients include: CNN.News, Extreme Makeover, Applied Biosystems, Inc..Johnson & Johnson, Good Morning America (ABC), Planet Hollywood - New York, Titleist Foot/Joy, Taylor Made Golf, Nike Golf, Live Regis & Kathy Lee (ABC), U.S. Concepts (Aspen Comedy Fest), Medical News Network, Music Television (MTV) Int’l, U.S. E.P.A., U.S. Dept. of Agriculture, ESPN Total Sports Network, Rocky Mountain Institute,Inside Edition. Disney Productions,Lilly Corporation, National Ski Area Association CNBC, News, MSNBC, NewsAustralian Television Samuel Goldwyn Productions, Public Service of Colorado, U.S. West, Communication,Prince Resorts Hawaii,Ski with Andy Mill, DuPont Flooring Systems, Ski World with Bob Beattie, ESPN, NewWorld Vision Entertainment, Glenwood Springs Resort Assoc., Denver Zoo,Nipon Network, 44 Blue (“what should you do”), Sunlight Mountain Resort,Pfizer Inc..COMCAST Spotlight, United Way,Greening America, Washington, Aspen Skiing Company,St. Regis, Aspen,GGP,Eclipse TV Productions,Fox Sport Network, Entertainment Tonight,The Planning Group, L.A. .Mega Cities National Parks Association, NBC Today Show ,Agenda West FELD Entertainment ,California Energy Coalition, CBS (Nagano Olympic Games)Spine Education & Research Institute

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