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Infiniti (Regional commercial) stunts and 2nd unit coordination for Baysalle Productions

Based in Evergreen, Co.


Based in Evergreen

Stunts, Stunt Coordinators, Camera Operator (HDTV, 16mm, 35mm), Producer, Stock speicalizing in Climbing and Skiing.We support 2nd unit action film and digital video productions. If your film enviornment is too extreme for traditional production crews and talent, call us! We'll get that one-in-a-million POV shot, safely and in the can. We support digital DV editing for quick turn-around extreme sports footage.

CREDITS INCLUDE: film, television, national commercials, and industrials

PARTIAL LIST OF CLIENTS:Anheuser-Busch Inc.,Continental Airlines, Byasllae, Cosgrove-Muier, Skylight Media, Morrison-Young. Cine Design, Wind River, ESPN,FX West. Additional and Confidential(s) available on request

EXTREME SPORT FILM SITE AWARDS:Golden Ace Academy Award, Nomination, Light OS,Okappi World, Japan.Award of Excellence, Home & Hearth

Sanyo (International), 2nd Unit and Stunts for Handcrafted Media


camera operator

reel adrenaline

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