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For People who are passionate about both the wilderness and film
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foremost response security

Contact: JJ Sutton, C.P.S.

Services Provided: Quality Security Solutions for Asset Protection, Access Control, Uniformed Guards, Security Drivers, Bodyguard Services, K9 Explosives Detection, Event Security, Tour Security... Managed Security Services on location internationally & overseas as well.

Credits & Clients:
Mr. & Mrs. Smith -New Regency Productions/ Jefferson Star Ship/ Better than Ezra/ Cotton Mouth Kings/ Country Jam 04, 05, & 06/ Rock Jam 05, 06/ Gravity Games 05/ Freeskier Magazine/ Thrasher Magazine/ GQ Magazine/ Aspen Peak Magazine/ Amstel Light/ Red Bull/ GMC/ Ecko Tours/ Warren Miller/ Plum Productions/ Mountain Groove Productions/ Matchstick Productions/ Lifestylez Productions/ Target(Events Marketing)/ Shaun White - XGames 05 & 06/ Hell Ride Crew LLC./ Olie Anderson Dare Devils, LLC/ Vail Film Fest 06/ Vail Resorts/ The Historic Avalon Theater/ 107th, 108th, & 109th annual Strawberry Days Festival/ 2002 Winter Olympics

aspen film production
Aspen leaf indicates Film Production professional located within a 40 mile range of Aspen
colorado film production
Colorado flag indicates Film Production professional located in the state of Colorado
film camera
One camera icon for every 5 years in the Entertainment Industry
(information supplied by listee)
film producion guide $25 USD + shipping
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