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Contact: Doug Sheffer owner/pilot, Lisa Balcomb: office manager/scheduling

    Pilot is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG). Experienced mountain and remote-site pilot, 12 years and 4,400 hours; Bell LongRanger available (impeccably maintained by in-house maintenance department), choice of camera mounts (approved installations for Tyler Nose Mount and Tyler Middle Mount), fuel truck available for remote site work, FAA approved Motion Picture and Television Flight Operation Manual, additional credits and references available upon request.

    CREDITS:Nisson National Spot Warren Miller Entertainment Camera Ship/Tyler Mount/Pilot/Film, Ford Adventure Sports Challenge, (Octagon Productions) Scout ship/pilot. Eukanuba dog food commercial, (Obermeyer Productions & Iams Dog Food) Camera & story ship/ pilot & actor/ film.,Highlands Ritz-Carlton, (McGuire Company) Camera ship/pilot/stills.,Global Extremes Adventure Competition, (American Adventure Productions & The Outdoor Life Network) Camera ship / Tyler mount / pilot.,Subaru Primal Quest Adventure Race, (California Sports Marketing) Support and camera ship/pilot, film & stills. 10 days in Telluride, CO. Ice Solider, (RSA, USA) Scout ship/pilot. ,Storm King Fire Documentary for the Fire in the Mountain, History Channel, (Lone Wolf Pictures) Camera Ship/Pilot, Film and stills. ,Photography of Remote Oil site, (MGA Communications) Camera Ship / Pilot, Stills and Video of site.,Harvest Films scouting photography Aspen area, (Aspen Productions and Harvest films) Scout Ship / Camera Ship / Pilot, Stills and Video.,Glenwood Canyon Documentary (Darlow Smithson Film and Television Production) Camera Ship / Tyler Mount / Pilot, Video,Photography of Gulfstream Crash site in Aspen (NBC, CBS News) Camera Ship / Pilot, Stills and Video. Retirement Video for CEO (MJM Video, NYC) Camera Ship / Pilot, Video and Digital Video aerial footage of Vail Co.,Photography of Disney Houses in Aspen (Entertainment Tonight) Camera Ship / Pilot ,Storm King Mountain Fire Special (Dateline NBC) Camera Ship / Pilot, Film and Digital Video. ,Solomon X-Games (Solomon North America) Scout Ship / Support Ship / Camera Ship / Pilot, film of race action. ,Bogner stock footage for commercial and film stunt (Willie Bogner, Inc.) Scout Ship / Support Ship / Pilot. Photography of Stars Houses in Aspen (CA Images Gerlach Photography) Camera Ship / Pilot. Still of 13 sites in Aspen area,For "Love of the Game" Kevin Costner Film (Universal Pictures) Scout Ship / Pilot. ,Aspen Ski Company promotional video (Hunt Group Productions) Camera Ship / Tyler Mount / Pilot, Film and digital Video. ,University of Wyoming (U Wyo. Geology Dept) Camera Ship / Pilot, Stills and Video, 100 miles of rock bands in Wyoming.,Sky Marathon High-Altitude Race (FILA North America, John Sandy Productions) Camera Ship / Support Ship / Pilot. June 1996-99.,Infrared Thermography of 250 miles of Powerlines (Holy Cross Electric) Camera Ship / Pilot. Roaring Fork River Hwy-82 Completion Video (Colorado Department of Transportation, Peter Webb Public Relations) Camera Ship / Tyler Mount / Pilot.

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