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Bringing Your Movie to the Big Screen.

We know that as a director, you will want to do everything you can to find a reputable film production company and you will also want to do everything you can to expand on your existing skills as well. You should also check out our awesome wedding photographers!

We can help you with that and we can also help you to know if you can launch your film to new heights. If you want to find out more about this, you can get in touch with us and our team will be standing by and waiting to help you.

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Hiring the Right Wedding Videographer for the Special Day

Posted by Gregory Luton on November 21, 2018

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Category: Blogging

So, you are all excited about the wedding day that is inching closer. You have arranged for the venue, bought the ring, got the decorations right, have finalized the menu with the catering guys, but have you arranged for the photographer and the videographer? That is probably one of the first things on your to-do list while planning for the wedding. Since this is a very special day for you and your partner, you would love to record each and every moment of it. That is when you will need the services of a professional wedding videographer.

Looking for a videographer can be like a complete shot in the dark. Most people are not aware of what they should look for in a wedding videographer. You may get the contact details of many videographers online but do you know what kind of questions to ask or what kind of service to expect? Most couples think that videographers would come to the venue, take videos of your wedding, the toast, the best man’s speech, and the first dance. He will then compile all the videos together and make it look like a movie. Well, that is the general idea of what a videographer should do. But when you are hiring someone for your wedding, you should know well in advance what they will be doing or when and how they will be shooting. So, here are a few things that you need to consider while hiring a wedding videographer:

  1.            How long will the videographer stay at your wedding? 

This is really crucial. You need to have an idea of the moments that the videographer should record. Ideally, you should be hiring the videographer on an hourly basis. If you have an idea of the precise time when the videographer should arrive and start recording, then you can hire the services according to that time span. When you hire a videographer on an hourly basis, make sure that the wedding ceremonies start as planned so that the videographer does not have to wait after he arrives.

2.            Discuss the types of videos that you want the videographer to record 

Getting to know what the videographer will shoot will help you get an idea of what videos you will get. Alternatively, you can also tell the videographer about the type of videos you want. There are many couples who want to do separate videos before the wedding starts. Inform the videographer about the videos that you want him to shoot. If you want to shoot at a place different from the wedding venue, then make sure that the videographer has the details of where to go and when to reach.

3.            Always have a contract 

This is like the thumb rule for anyone who is planning to hire a wedding videographer. Even if you know the videographer for a long time, make sure that you have a contract for the wedding. This will help you have all the important details in one single page. Some of the common points that should be mentioned in the contract are the videos that the videographer will make, the number of videographers you need for the wedding, payment schedule, guarantee of delivery date, how the delivery will be made “ if you need the videos via Google Drive or thumb drive or Blu-ray disk or DVD, and so on, and the amount of time that the videographer needs to be present on the wedding day.

  4.            When will the final video be delivered? 

Once the wedding is over, you will be excited to see the photos and the videos that were taken on the day of the wedding. But generally, the videographers take at least a couple of months to work on the videos and provide the final cut. There are lots of things that need to be done such as editing the videos, joining them, adding background music, adding colour tones, and making the video look like a movie. All these take a significant amount of time. So, it will be best if you can discuss the delivery date of the videos while discussing the date and timings.

It will be wise to get a contract with the videographer so that you have a written record about the delivery date. Most provide a guarantee for their delivery date. Do, ensure that they deliver within that date or else you will have the power to negotiate with the fees.

5.            Will you be able to improvise with the editing of the video? 

Not many people are aware of this but yes, you can provide specific details about how the video should be made. Stuff like background music, the moments that should be present in the final video, the songs that might be played while the video plays – all these can be specified to the videographer so that he can edit the videos accordingly. The main aim of the videographer will be to satisfy your needs and this is one of the ways that he can do so.

The videographer you hire should be flexible with the work that he is doing. If you want any kind of change in the final video, then he should make those changes and provide the final cut according to the way to like.

6.            Check their work before you hire 

It is always wise to go through the work of the videographer before you hire him. Most of the videographers have sample videos on their website. If you are still not satisfied, you can request the videographer to show you some of his previous works to get an idea of the kind of video you are going to expect for your wedding.

Hiring a videographer will take some time. You have to compare the videos that different videographers have already done in previous weddings. Additionally, you have to see the different delivery date and the amount of money that the videographer is charging for the event. Keep all these things in mind and you will get the best videographer for your wedding

How To Find A Wedding Videographer Northern Ireland?

Posted by Gregory Luton on November 19, 2018

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Category: Blogging

Are you finding a good wedding videographer Northern Ireland?  If so, you have come to the right place. With hundreds of wedding videographers operating in Northern Ireland, finding the best one isn’t an easy task. Your extensive research will play an important part when doing so. There are many factors to consider when finding the best wedding videographer Northern Ireland. Here are some tips to consider when you are shopping for a good video team to capture your special day on film.

Wedding videography can cost between €2000 and €4000 in Northern Ireland. In fact, this is about 7-13% of the average wedding budget. You should be extremely cautious when choosing the best wedding videographer Northern Ireland since you have to spend a lot of money for the job. Your research becomes so important due to this reason. In fact, the best wedding videography team can help you save money by performing a great job at an affordable cost. The internet is a great place to find a good videography company in the area. You can search Google or Bing for this. You should come across a list of wedding videography services operating in the area for such a search. Make sure to conduct a thorough search on the background and reputation of each provider before deciding to choose the right company for your big day.

Getting a referral from someone you trust such as a family member or friend is another effective method of finding a good videography service in the area. You will save a lot of time by asking for a referral from such a person. Even if you get a good referral from a friend or family member, you should conduct a little bit of research on the company before you choose the right videography company on the market. Here are some of the most important things to consider when choosing the right wedding videography company in Ireland.

The potential videographer you choose should have a style that closely matches your style. Just like a wedding photographer, a videographer can take different approaches to their craft. A documentary-style video will present the wedding events chronologically without any special effects. On the other hand, a cinematic film is much more dramatic – which will use interesting angles compared to documentary videos. In fact, you should take finding a videographer as seriously as you do when finding a photographer for your special event. Planning ahead will always pay off when finding a good wedding videographer in the area. The good videographers in the area will be booked early on. If you want the best videographer in Ireland, you should reserve him as early as possible in order to avoid last minute disappointments.

There are plenty of places on the internet to find a good wedding videographer. In fact, Vimeo and Love Stories TV are two of the best channels that you need to subscribe. You have the ability to search by location when choosing a good wedding videographer in the area. When you are watching a sample video done by the potential videographer, there are many things that you need to look for. In fact, all wedding videos are not created the same. A good wedding video should be well lit. It should have appropriate music as well as easy to understand audio. The video should be edited so that the transitions are smooth and the special effects complement the story. These are important things to consider when you watch a sample video before choosing the best wedding videographer in Northern Ireland.

Professionals referrals are some of the most effective when choosing the right wedding videographer in the area. Professionals such as your wedding planner may have worked with good videographers in the past. They will be able to suggest good filmmakers that they like. Many photography studios in Ireland offer wedding videography services. Hence, it makes sense to book a package for both the jobs. That way you may get a discount and save some money in the process. If the professionals are from the same company, they will have a good working relationship and could perform a better job compared to two people from different companies.

The best thing is to meet the videographer in person before you decide to hire him for the job. In fact, you need to feel at ease with the videographer you choose. Hence, you should have met him and spoken to him at least once before working with him. Once you have met with one or two professional videographers in the area, ask them for a full video or two to check their style. In fact, choosing the right person for the job means asking the right questions. The right questions are very important when choosing the best wedding videographer Northern Ireland.

Customer feedback is very important when choosing the right wedding videographer in Ireland. In fact, you should be doing your due diligence and calling for references when choosing the right professional for the project. There are numerous online review sites and forums that you can take advantage of in this regard. Make sure to check some of these reliable review sites when you are choosing the best wedding videography team in the region. That way you will be able to find the best professional for the job.

In case you are searching for the best wedding videographer in Ireland, you have come to the right place. There are many factors to consider when choosing the best wedding videographer in the area. Check the reputation, experience, credentials, style of videography, customer feedback, and the personality of the potential videographer before choosing the right one. The internet is a good place to start your research in this regard. Make sure that you check some of the reliable review sites on the net when selecting the right professional for your special day. The aforementioned article provides information on what you need to consider when choosing the best wedding videographer in Northern Ireland.

Suggestions For Finding Affordable T shirt Printers Denmark

Posted by Gregory Luton on November 8, 2018

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Category: Blogging

If you currently reside in Denmark, and you would like to find a T-shirt printer, there are quite a few businesses that do offer these services. T-shirts have become very popular in recent years, allowing people to design the ones that they want and subsequently have them printed for an affordable price. In some cases, these will be for a team. In other situations, this could be for a gift or even for yourself. The ability to print Tee shirts has evolved over the years, allowing people to have extremely realistic pictures attached to the shirts which are why the popularity of them has become so high. T-shirt printers Denmark companies are numerous, and you should be able to find one that can help you with your particular print.

How Are They Able To Put These Designs On T-Shirts? 

To understand which company you should work with, it’s good to know how Tee shirts are made, specifically those with prints and designs. They will take a design, transfer that to either a light or dark transfer paper, and this will be pressed onto the Tee shirt. The most common way that this is done is called screen printing. There are machines that can do thousands of Tee shirts every week. If you are doing this yourself, you may purchase an affordable heat press printing kit, and you can also do direct to garments printing. Depending upon the elaborate nature of the design that you want, you will have to choose a company that can handle multiple colours and intricate designs. After evaluating them based upon how they print T-shirts, you can then consider the prices that they charge.

How Much Does It Cost To Work With These Companies? 

It can cost as much as $10 per Tee shirt in American money and depending upon your country of origin, it will be equivalent to that amount. In Denmark, the Danish kroner is the main currency, although euros are also accepted. For as little as 50 Danish kroner’s, or about $8.50 in euros, you should be able to have your shirt printed. Companies will vary in regard to the prices they charge, and what you will be looking for is the most affordable and reliable Tshirt printers in Denmark has to offer.

The Best Way To Find And Evaluate These Businesses 

To find reliable T-shirt printing companies in Denmark, you must first begin with online listings. They will almost always have a website showcasing the different shirts they have made. Similar to a portfolio for a photography professional, the shirts are representative of the work that they are able to do. You will then request a quote from businesses that look promising. It is also necessary to ask how soon this can be done. Once you have the estimates on the total cost, and when they can do the print, you can make your choice and get your T-shirt printed.

How Long Does The Actual Process Take? 

Although it may take a few days for them to get to your shirt, the process itself will only take a few minutes. After choosing the proper size of the shirt that you want, along with its colour, they will then prepare the image that you would like to place on the shirt. In a matter of minutes, it will be pressed onto the tees, and it will be ready to wear. Therefore, though it takes minutes to accomplish this, you may have to wait several days to receive yours due to the other orders that they also must complete.

Ways To Know You Have Found The Best Company 

You will know that you have found the right company for a couple of reasons. First of all, they may have many testimonials online from previous customers that were very happy with the results. Another way is to look at websites where local businesses are reviewed to see who is on top. However, if you would like to choose one based upon the tees they have displayed on their website, or in their store, you can also do that as well. Some of them may even have an in-house design team that can take your idea and creates the perfect pattern for the shirt that you would like to wear.


Are There Ways To Get Discounts? 

The discounts that you will receive will include saving money on bulk orders. As mentioned before, many people use these companies when they are printing multiple shirts for a special group for a sports team that they are in charge of. If this is for you, try to find promotional codes that they are currently using to attract more customers. The company that you choose should have great prices, and a phenomenal portfolio of Tees that they have made, that will help you understand that you have chosen the right one.

What If You Do Not Live In Denmark?

If you currently do not live in Denmark, but you would like to obtain one there, you do have a few options. You can place your order online, and then have this shipped out to a friend or family member for which you are providing this gift. Another possibility is that you could have someone in Denmark go to one of these businesses, or several of them, to find out how much they charge. They could then report back to you with the total cost of how much your tee shirt is going to cost.

T-shirt printers in Denmark are numerous. Whether you are in Copenhagen, Odense or Kolding, there will likely be a company that can print these shirts for you. If you can find one that has a creative team that can help you design one, that will also be very helpful. Unless you already have a graphics design artist that you can work with, this option might be advantageous. Finally, if you can find promotional codes for one of the many Tshirt printers Denmark has to offer, you will save money and also get the exact T-shirt that you have always wanted to wear.

Do You need House Insurance for House Film Sets?

Posted by Gregory Luton on January 15, 2018

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Owning a house is everyone’s desire, isn’t it? Sadly, homeowners face numerous risks when they are in the house or away. These risks range from theft and fire, among others. Accidents occur when we least expect them.This can be worse when we lose both our house and the valuable assets inside the house. This has led to the emergence of house insurance Dublin agencies. These agencies secure homes and household against unseen risks. Insurance compensates the value of damage incurred. Let us start off by looking at the importance of securing a cover for your premise:

  • You may house valuable households. Some households, such as film sets might be difficult to recover. Insuring valuable households will get you compensated if a risk occurs.
  • It gives us peace of mind when we are away from our premise. Risks mostly occur when we are away.
  • It increases the value of your structure. Securing a cover is considered the fastest way of increasing the value of your structure.
  • It can help secure a loan. People give out their property as security for loans. Properties with a cover increase the chances of someone securing a loan.

What is the process of securing your house film sets?

This process is quite complicated when compared to securing other household fittings. As we all know, films sets are quite expensive. Numerous house insurance agencies require proof of ownership before commencing this process. A purchase receipt is requested most times. The second step entails identifying the risk to insure. Risks vary depending on the location of a house. An insurer can assist in identifying risks to security. Moving on, the homeowner should check out the service providers premium rates and decide on the amount to secure his/her film sets. The selected amount shouldn’t exceed the value of your film sets. All house insurance Dublin agencies compensate an amount equivalent to the value of your film sets. Lastly, you should inquire about the claiming process. As we all know, risks should be accidental for them to be compensated. This process differs from the selected service providers. Many agencies advise their clients to contact them immediately a risk occurs. This gives them the opportunity to check out the accident scene when the evidence is fresh.


How to identify a genuine insurer

Due to the increment of fake service providers, homeowners should be cautious on the Companies they transact with. It is difficult to spot a rogue of a fake insurer. After careful analysis, these tips can help you avoid a fake service provider. Start off by asking recommendations on the top service providers in the market. Alternatively, you can check out testimonials from online platforms. Comparison websites can also assist in this process. These websites highlight top agencies in the market worth checking out. You can run the shortlisted agencies with the local authority to ensure they are fully licensed to offer policies to homeowners. Alternatively, you can request a copy of their licenses and necessary documents. This procedure is vital as licenses expire and should be renewed annually. Studies indicate fake agencies were licensed at some point. Proceed and look at their reputation. This helps identify if the service provider is genuine or not. Fake agencies have negative reviews. Try to focus on Insurance Companies that have been in the industry for a long period. Such agencies minimize chances of transacting with a fake agency.


How to reduce your premium rates

Would you like your house insurance Dublin agency to revise your policy and offer reduced rates? If yes, pay attention to the information below.

  • Paying the highest deductible amount can significantly reduce your premium rates. This is the highest premium rates a person can pay. This amount should not exceed the value of their house film sets because Insurers pay an amount equivalent to the value of an asset.
  • Installation of an alarm system- Homeowners with an alarm system should notify their insurers. These systems alert people when risks are about to occur. This significantly reduces the chances of certain risks occurring. As a result, agencies reduce premium rates of homeowners with this gadget.
  • Not claiming risks for a long period. Some people have a habit of claiming risks now and then. This can significantly increase your premium rates. People who don’t make claims for a long period attract reduced rates. However, this technique depends on luck.
  • Signing short-term contracts can be beneficial at some point. It gives you an opportunity to look for better deals before committing yourself to another contract. This technique has proven effective and can help homeowners in Dublin save a lot of money in the long run.
  • Staying loyal to a single agency attracts better deals. Insurers reward their loyal clients by issuing out better premium rates and discounts, among others.

Some people find it frustrating to find an agency that meets their criteria. There are two ways a person can find a service provider. It can be through the use of a broker or carrying out your own research. Homeowners can hire brokers for a small fee. Brokers interact with numerous service providers. As a result, they can help you select an insurer that meets your needs. They also negotiate premium rates on your behalf. Additionally, they help in the claiming process. They prove risks were accidental and beyond homeowner’s control. Let us shift our gears and look at how to find a service provider on your own. Write down a list of top house insurance Dublin agencies worth checking out. Eliminate insurers who don’t offer your desired policies. Additionally, you can use the experience to shorten your list. It is essential to check out the reputation of a service provider. Insurance agencies are different. There are those which pay claims without problems, whereas there are those which refuse to pay out claims when risks occur even if they were accidental. Always go for an insurer with a perfect reputation to avoid problems or delays when it comes to claiming risks. Secure your house and your households today to be at ease.


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Film Producers Motor Insurance Premiums is a Higher Premium

Posted by Gregory Luton on September 26, 2017

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Film Producers Motor Insurance Premiums is a Higher Premium


Why is this?

Working in the film production industry you quickly learn to appreciate the value of insuring with a reliable insurer and choosing an industry-specific policy to cover every aspect of production to ensure success at minimal risk of failure due to perils. Here we take a look at some of the reasons why premiums for car insurance for the film production industry are higher than for most other industries. From stunt vehicles to props that never actually move during film shooting, vehicles are widely used in the film production industry and the inherent risk is somewhat greater. Do, vehicles are important to the film industry and the account for a significant fraction of the total cost of production of say a movie. It follows that motor insurance cover is also important for cars used in this industry because of the many perils they are prone to during the shoot. But is the increased premiums justified in a real sense? Let’s find out why this is.

Car cover for the film industry has tailored the needs of the particular client and the wording can always be altered with every new contract to allow extra protection against loss or damage to vehicles involved in the production process. Finance provider and other stakeholders will expect vehicles will be covered for the entire period they are to be used on the scene. In case of damage or loss of the asset then your video shoot is able to go on as scheduled. The best car insurance policy for your filmmaking industry is naturally dependent upon your type of project. If you are making short music videos you might need a different package from those that are meant for filmmakers.

How motor insurance cover premiums for film industry are determined

Under normal circumstances, the cost of insuring cars for a production firm will be calculated using a pre-defined rate against the total value of the vehicles covered. If a vehicle is not to move during the shoot then it might be covered under props to cater for any damage to it in its state of rest during the shoot.  You may choose to exempt certain vehicle on the fleet from special coverage depending on your assessment of the inherent risk. Here are some factors your best insurer for the film industry will consider when working out what rate to use in arriving at your premiums for car cover.

  • Type of productions

All projects have their own unique set of challenges and risks depending on the where, when and how.

  • Stunts and special effects

Stunts are difficult to perform and require experience to pull through without damage to the vehicle or injury to the cast. All stunts are to be closely scrutinised by the insurance provider to assess the risk and give the go ahead

  • Workaround water

Working near water bodies poses a great risk to the vehicles in the set and therefore is bound to push motor insurance cover premiums further up.

  • Aerial shots

If the video involves the car leaving the ground and grabbing some air then the insurer needs to update their risk algorithm before they can come up with the new rate.

  • Location of the shoot

As you might have already noted, most of the factors listed above cause the cost of insurance to rise rather than reduce because of the added risk. The more complicated the shoot the more the uncertainty and likelihood of loss or damage to vehicles in the location.

Insuring stunt vehicles

As with the members of the cast who are to take part in hazardous stunts, a vehicle to be used in such stunts are to be insured separately from the rest of the fleet. Your best car insurance company for the motor industry should give the consent to go ahead with the stunt after going through the synopsis of the scene to be filmed, list of stunts and type of stunt plus location, safety measures taken to prevent damage and loss, the number of people taking part and the experience of the stunt coordinators among other things. In short, the insurer must be made aware of all the necessary consideration to make before they can evaluate the risk involved and work out the rate at which the premium should be set.

Commercial vehicle insurance packages

This package covers vehicles that are not the property of the client video production firm and are hired for the purpose of facilitating the shoot. As you may already suspect, this too causes the cost of insurance to increase because of the greater likelihood of a claim being filed. Hiring vehicles help keep production costs down and it wouldn’t hurt much to pay a little extra for insuring commercial vehicles properly because you are liable if you hire them for the shoot.